Monday, December 28, 2009

Atheist Charities

Wow! Thanks to all for giving me names and links to atheist and humanist charities! I have a pretty big list now and plenty to work with.

I started working on the page and decided to publish it before I have all of the charities summarized. This is simply because there are so many and it will be quite a while before I can write summaries for all of them. Some of them are so complex they will probably need a summary page of their own - the Gates Foundation is one of those. So I've published it with only seven charities and I will add more as I have time to write their summaries.

Check out what I have so far at Atheist Charities on Squidoo.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seeking the Names/URLs of Atheist/Humanist Run Charities

I'm looking for atheist/humanist run charities. What each charity gets out of it is a little free publicity. What I get out of it is a nice article page. What the community gets out of it is a nice list of atheist/humanist run charities.

So, if you know of any atheist/humanist run charities please drop me a line or leave their name and as much information as possible in the comments.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Churches in Michigan Leave Kalamazoo's Homeless Ministry Over LGBT Issues

One of eight churches that participates in Martha's Table, a local homeless ministry which provides meals for Kalamazoo's poor and homeless population gave its nod of approval to this year's anti-discrimination bill protecting the Kalamazoo GLBTQ community from some types of discrimination. They also minister to anyone regardless of their sexuality. They ascribe to the idea of "hate the sin, love the sinner" which many Christian groups speak of. In my opinion, they did the right thing.

But the fallout from their tolerance is that three Kalamazoo area churches (out of a total of eight) are withdrawing from the homeless ministry and meals program. They are doing so to avoid sullying their reputations by associating with a church that doesn't support discrimination against homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered people.

I think this is insanely petty and it sickens me that people are that shallow.

You can read more about it at MLive.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Atheist Christmas Gift Idea

In case you haven't checked them out yet, I thought I'd link to my "Freedom of Speech: Not Just for Christians Anymore" shirts, buttons and magnets.

More Interesting Search Terms

Once again I was analyzing the views on my Squidoo pages and saw some interesting search terms landing people on my atheist lenses. Some are sad, some are mean, and some are just so weird I felt like sharing them. My sarcastic comments, written in italics, can be found beneath some of the phrases.


do atheists have a faith system in anything

how do atheist name their babies
With baby name books like everyone else does, one would imagine.

when did america become atheist
America has become atheist?

how do you explain christmas to an atheist
Let's see. A long, long time ago, people called Pagans had winter festivals to celebrate the winter solstice. Then along came Christians who really wanted to force the Pagans to follow their religion. But the Pagans didn't want to give up their fun winter party so the Christians renamed it Christmas and said the Baby Jesus was born on that day. And now, people like to celebrate it by spending lots of money and going into debt to maintain their social status.

the day atheists see god
Is the day someone slipped something into their beer?

scientific way to find do you think the seasons would be any different in cincinnati if there was no
OK, I don't understand the relevance either but it was funny to me for some reason.

why atheist are thankful at thanksgiven
Maybe because people did something for them?

story of why atheist eat babies
What's to tell? Babies are more tender than grown-ups.

atheists do believe in something, becuz it takes alot of faith 2 believe in nothing
How could anyone believe in anything in a world where people enter text speak into search engines?

hypocrisy of being atheist
I'm not seeing it, really. I don't think God is real. Where's the hypocrisy?

evolution doesn't make people into atheists any more than climate changes
Nope, no it doesn't.

people believe in evolution because they don't want to believe in god
No, people believe evolution happened because there is evidence that it did but people don't believe in God because there's no evidence that it exists.

can't see feelings can't see god so god must exist
Oh, yay! This means unicorns are real, too, right?

origin of life in atheism
Um, only religions and other myths have origin stories, atheists just tend to try to find out what actually happened or leave the question alone.

everyone believes in one god no matter what they think
OK... so, even if I don't think God is real, I think God is real?

why dont atheist commit suicide
Because we're enjoying our one and only life?

how do atheist get born if they dont believe in god
Their parents have intercourse.

why dont atheist just pick a religion and believe
Just... wow.

how can I tell if someone is an atheist
They have no reflection. Wait, no, that's vampires.

atheists breasts

why do atheists follow laws if there is no god why worry about consequences

atheists shouldn't have kids

how to screw atheists
Obviously, I saved the best for last.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why I am "That Atheist Bitch"

I looked around on this blog and realized that I have never explained here why I titled my blog That Atheist Bitch.

Several days before I created this blog, I received a private message over on Associated Content, in response to one of my atheist editorials on the site. The person wrote some assorted nastiness about me burning in Hell appended with this question - "Are you that atheist bitch from TIBU*?"

At first I was a bit upset at the slam message. But I realized that my writing had provoked a strong response. It made someone, somewhere, feel something. That's pretty cool, even if what he felt was anger and a need to get mouthy, it's a heck of a lot better than apathy.

So I decided to proudly own the title of "That Atheist Bitch" and made it the title of my atheist blog. I'd been meaning to create a dedicated atheist blog for a while because over half of the posts on my old blog were atheist relevant anyway. This guy gave me the title and the motivation to do it.

Your Atheist Bitch

*A now defunct writing website on which I had sometimes posted atheist relevant material.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Very Atheist Christmas - 666 Words on How Atheists Can Enjoy the Winter Holidays

Just as Christians have adopted many pagan traditions of the winter festivals such as decorating trees, giving gifts, feasting, and singing door-to-door some atheists also choose to adopt those pagan traditions and celebrate Christmas, much like many Christians do.

Since many Christians are upset when Atheists celebrate Christmas (or use American currency with "In God We Trust" on it) I propose that Atheists create their own version of the Christmas celebration. Christian Christmas uses such icons as reindeer, mistletoe, Santa Claus, snowmen and pine trees. The traditional Christian Christmas also lays specific claim to December 25th as the day Santa comes down the chimney. Since these are all respected religious tenets of Christianity I propose that we, as atheists, should avoid co-opting them for our own Christmas celebrations.