Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Save Our Sam, Brother Sam Singleton Needs Your Help

Roger Scott Jackson, alter ego of comedian/atheist evangelist Brother Sam Singleton needs your help. His wife, Cari, has been in a terrible accident and is currently in the ICU. Because Cari is in the hospital, Roger is currently unable to tour and earn money.

I know about hospital bills and I'll tell you now, even if a person has the best available insurance that person will still end up with a boatload of medical bills. In fact, excessive medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America, even among insured individuals. So if you are able, please help out Roger and Cari with a donation or by buying some merchandise from his site.

Unfortunately, I'm barely getting by myself so all I could do is put up his information and hope that someone will act on it. If you can't afford to help with a donation, you can get the code for a Save Our Sam button from episode 031 of Atheist News Podcast and post it on your own blog or website.