Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Give Me Your Links!

Yes, that's right, I want your links. I am compiling a couple of lists of atheist blogs and websites (free backlink, folks) to post on two or more Squidoo pages which will be permanent additions to Squidoo.

There's a slight catch, though. Squidoo is G rated. So basically I don't want any links to sites which contain adult content or excessive profanity. I link to That Atheist Bitch but I have to call it "That Atheist (Censored)" over there to keep my G rating.

If you have or frequent any wonderful atheist or atheist friendly sites or blogs please drop a link or links here in the comments. Those which have sufficient appropriate content will be linked to on one or more pages.

If you aren't familiar with Squidoo, here is an example of what Squidoo pages look like: An Atheist View. If your link is appropriate and a good fit, it may even end up on that particular page as well as on one of the list pages. That particular page usually stays in the top 2,000 of over a million pages so it gets some decent views, sometimes spiking with much more than decent views. The pages I'm proposing to create will probably stay in the top 10,000 out of over a million pages as that is how most of my other atheist themed pages do on Squidoo. They still get decent views, too.