Monday, August 29, 2011

National Atheist Registry

I just came across something kind of scary today. There's this fellow named Pastor Mike who wants all atheists put on a national registry like sex offenders!
Pastor Mike's blog only allows members of his blog to comment so I guess I'll comment on his blog post here on mine. As to why atheists don't want to be put on a national registry - why on earth would we want to be put on a conservative Christian target list? We already get threats galore from such groups. Some conservative Christian who is also mentally unwell is apt to start killing people on the list!

So, in case anything happens to me or any other outspoken atheist you know, please direct the FBI to Pastor Mike.

Update: It looks as if Pastor Mike began to feel shame for posting hate speech on his blog so now his blog can only be accessed by its members. So here's a link to someone who quoted a big hunk of the text of Pastor Mike's post and actually deserves to get views on his blog.