Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Has That Atheist Bitch Been Up To?

Well, I've been pretty darned sick for the last few months so a lot of what I've been doing has been just trying to get by. I'm still fighting pneumonia and the whatever-it-is that causes my high fevers and severe muscular pain.

There is good news though and I'm starting to feel as if I'm on the mend. Little by little, my strength is coming back and my chest has healed enough from the torn muscles and ligaments that I can once again sleep on my back for short periods of time. I still need a spare pillow or two to buttress my chest when I lay on either side but that is getting better, too.

In other good news, I took on a client who seems to be the elusive and much desired best client ever in that they are great communicators and respectful of my expertise as a (retired) professional floral designer. They are also the only Internet floral delivery service I've ever found that actually saves people money and doesn't deliver limp flowers in a cardboard box! You can check out what I've written for them so far on their blog. I don't have to pander or try to sell specific things, I just use their product photos to illustrate the articles. I don't have to say anything I disagree with or find to be questionable. As I said- best client ever!

In other writing adventures, I've been slowly removing all atheist related content from Yahoo Contributors Network (formerly known as Associated Content) and re-working it into Squidoo pages. As some of you may already know, Associated Content appears to have fallen on the wrong side of Google's Panda update and into the realm of content farms. You can find almost every atheist relevant article I used to have up there on one of my atheist relevant Squidoo pages. When I'm finished (or nearly finished or just pretty far along...) I may create a page or blog post which identifies and links to the individual articles so they easier to find.

I've also been writing more short stories and doing a spectacular job of getting them rejected by every major science fiction and speculative fiction publication. Well, not every one, I've avoided submitting them to the big two, Analog and IASFM. I'm working up the chutzpah to give it a shot. One can't get anymore rejected than rejected so aiming high hurts no more than aiming low, now does it?

I've also been working on (and should get my charcoal dusted fingers back to ASAP) art for my partner's subversive, liberal, alternative rock/folk CD, due out a little later this year. There is much ado about mastering at the moment. You can hear an early version of one of the songs that will be on it here.

I have a doctor's appointment on the 31st at which, I hope, my test results from the last visit will shed some light on wtf is wrong with me. The doc was very thorough and apparently tested me for everything from HIV to malaria.