Wednesday, August 15, 2012

16 Atheist Documentaries You Can Watch for Free on DocumentaryStorm

I just popped on for a moment so I could share a link to a website where you can watch sixteen atheist documentaries for free.  I have a slow Internet connection and computer but I was able to load and watch the documentaries.  If you have an issue with getting the videos to load, try restarting your computer or switching browsers.

Atheist Documentaries on DocumentaryStorm

I plan to go through and write a brief review of each of the atheist documentaries on the website and post them here as time allows. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Do Threat-Type Messages Occur In Clusters or Waves?

Most abusive comments don't make it to the page because most people delete them if they contain swearing to keep their pages visible or simply don't publish them to avoid turning their blog, editorial, or article into venue for a flame war.  I practice a little of both.  I don't publish comments with any swearing on Squidoo because my pages will become invisible to the public if I do and if comments anywhere cross a threat line I take them down or don't publish them.  I follow similar rules on my blogs but allow some mild swearing.  All of this makes it difficult for others to tell when I'm getting abusive comments.  I presume it is the same for other bloggers and atheist writers.  So I'm wondering if anyone else is getting clumps and clusters of sweary-pants comments right now?  

I hadn't gotten any for over two weeks and then they started trickling in again.  Now I'm getting them in clusters of three or four at a time, several times per day from what appear to be different people.  This has always been how it happened in the past, stretches without nasty comments or threats interspersed with clumps and clusters of them.  Before, they always seemed to correspond with something atheist relevant I'd written experiencing a burst of near popularity.  This time, my view counts are pretty small on my atheist material, and my most popular writing at the moment has to do with crafts.  Are the vocal anti-atheist, anti-non-Christian folks just generally extra stirred up right now or something?

The kind of weird thing is that the sweary comments I'm getting contain zero death threats so far.  I'll take that as a good sign but maybe it's just an indication that the death threat people are bothering someone else at the moment.

So what is your theory as to why the nasty comments tend to come in clusters rather than more-or-less evenly scattered in time?