Wednesday, August 15, 2012

16 Atheist Documentaries You Can Watch for Free on DocumentaryStorm

I just popped on for a moment so I could share a link to a website where you can watch sixteen atheist documentaries for free.  I have a slow Internet connection and computer but I was able to load and watch the documentaries.  If you have an issue with getting the videos to load, try restarting your computer or switching browsers.

Atheist Documentaries on DocumentaryStorm

I plan to go through and write a brief review of each of the atheist documentaries on the website and post them here as time allows. 


-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

My dear... If God doesn’t exist, why do you hate Him so much?? How can you hate someone who, in your eyes, doesn’t exist?? Strange. Satan is your God …yet, you prooo’bly doubt he exists anyway. What you don’t know is he controls your mind as he fills it with a lie --- Why don’t you follow us Home to Heaven Above if you‘re gonna croak as I am? How long do we have to enjoy this finite existence? 77ish, measly years? Compared to the length and breadth of eternity, 77ish years is like a dropOwater, less than a nanometer actually, in the whole, bloody, universe!! …quickly evaporating into nthn… Why don’t we have a BIG-ol, roxx-our-holy-soxx, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for many eons? I’ll be your faithfull servant, too, for however long you desire: Heaven TOTALLY kicks-ass for eternity. PS see ‘P/C, unsanitized’ and feed-the-poor. Thank you proFUSEly, for the wick is running out on U.S. _thewarningsecondcoming.com_

Unknown said...

Wow...she doesn't hate him...she doesn't think he even exists! Its more likely a Christian would end up hating him before an atheist. You even admit this stating she doesn't think he exists. She hates the stupidity of a human claiming to know such things. You are brainwashed so of course you will rationalize it to fit your preexisting views on atheism you learned at church or from some dumbass evangelical.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry...this requres a second post. How the hell can satan be our god if we don't think he exists??? You make such irrational claims. Do you think anyone who thinks god doesn't exist is a theists or christian?? No? Then how can you then state that we are satans followers? Again, you simply cannot reconsile this problem. We do not follow any supernatural being. How is this such a hard thing to understand? You are pathetic and you sound like a parrot spewing the latest evangelical defense for your position. Simply pathetic. How about learn a litle bit about it before commenting. Otherwise you sound stupid and ignorant. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Oh...and here's another good point. If satan is sooo powerful he can use people who don't have to believe in him to do his dirty work, why can't god, who is supposedly more powerful? Now you have a situation where belief in god wouldn't be needed to do gods bidding. Don't open wormholes in your position. You don't think your shit through clearly. I suggest you listn to The Thinking Atheist and Atheist Experience. Maybe then you would see how assadine your statements are.

Unknown said...

Then who fills your mind with these lies Dr.

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