Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Bible as A Reason to Object to Same Sex Marriage

It never fails to amuse me that people bring up the Bible in defense of discrimination against adult consensual relationships and then equate same sex adult consensual relationships with pedophilia and polygamy. I find this so amusing and also ironic because the Bible speaks of and condones both pedophilia and polygamy with many of its primary characters practicing one or both. Perhaps the technical term for what is frequently practiced in the Bible, even by God, is hebephilia. Please recall that the Virgin Mary was a child by today’s standards, a child who really had no option to say no to her impregnation.

I don’t follow the word of the Bible which condemns homosexuality, the eating of shellfish, and the mixing of fibers in a fabric while condoning hebephilia, genocide, and slavery. I’m simply thunderstruck that such a book could be used as a moral absolute for anyone.

Shouldn’t we instead use the yardstick of compassion and harm? If something is the compassionate path and does no harm, how can it be wrong?

As a victim of sexual abuse I am outraged that anyone DARE equate to pedophilia something as beautiful and nurturing as a loving relationship between adults. There is NO love in pedophilia. I’m outraged that a person or a society would treat loving adult partners as equivalent to life-wrecking pedophiles. They discriminate against and demonize innocent, decent human beings.

Of all things in this world love is a thing we need to nurture and support rather than attack. I suspect one day, our children will look back and be sickened by our actions as we are sickened by miscegenation laws and segregation. I know I’m standing on the side of love and compassion, the side of no harm, so I have no fear of the future’s judgment.


Codswallop said...

Hi K,

Your stuff is usually really good, and this is a nice example, but for one detail. I'm not aware that the NT gives any indication of Mary's age. I don't think there's any warrant for your statement that she was a child by modern standards.

Otherwise, well said.


Kylyssa Shay said...

While her actual age is not stated, Biblical scholars have placed her age at between 12 and 14 years of age based on the Jewish traditions of the time. She was betrothed but not yet wed to Joseph.

Since theologians made this stuff all up, why not run with the age they've come up with?

Project Savior said...

The choir likes this.
I agree with every word

mandy jones said...

Actually it was the Babyloian talmud that encourages girls to marry at 12. The Palestians talmud want girls to be married at/by late tern years. Also jewish men typical married at 30 to a woman 10-15 years young then they are. Don't believe me? Well read these.

*If the link isn't blue,then just copy and paste.

mandy jones said...
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