Monday, January 10, 2011

An Atheist View is Recognized!

It's just an on-site award but it means someone on Squidoo who had gotten an award themselves nominated An Atheist View for what is called a Purple Star and then a staff member approved it. Purple Stars confer a little lensrank boost to the pages they are on and are meant to designate a page that is up to a high standard of excellence. I've gotten a few of these awards in the past but not on anything about atheism. It speaks of a very open-minded attitude among the staff that they approved a page about being an atheist.

Squidoo also recently created a sub-category for atheism and agnosticism that is not under religion! My atheist relevant pages are usually a collection of editorials about atheism that I've written and placed on a single page. They do well in the rankings and now even have a non-religion category to be in. If you are interested in putting up your own page (atheist themed or not) you can easily join Squidoo. The payout for top tier lenses is getting quite substantial. Last month it was $30.95.

If you are feeling charitable, please visit my Purple Star atheist lens and maybe your views will bring it to the front page of Squidoo! You can also find links to more of my atheist relevant pages on the right sidebar of this blog.


Honkmofo said...

Congratulations! You are quite deserving of it!

libhom said...


W. Adriano said...

Discovered your writings not so long ago.. Enjoyed it big time!! I hope you're OK and still writing!!! [Noticed u havnt written since january] *William Adriano, Indonesia