Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doesn't it Take a Lot of Faith to Be an Atheist?

People often say, "It takes a lot of faith to be an atheist." This is usually followed with a statement like, "After all, you can't be 100% certain there is no God."

As an atheist, I can say that it has never taken me any faith at all to be one. Saying that being an atheist requires faith requires one to accept the idea that everyone thinks God is real, when in fact many people (called atheists) do not. It is the very definition of atheism. Atheists are people who don't think God is real.



Makarios said...

So, your belief that matter is eternal or that it created itself is based on what, exactly?

Eternal Critic said...

I get a kick out of that old line. I've seen it used all over on Atheists, but never had it used on me, yet.

Its one of the worst avoidances of actual discussion theists ever try and hit us with.

Makarios said...

"but never had it used on me, yet."

This must be your lucky day.

Unless you want to let the licentious bitch speak for herself.

Kylyssa Shay said...

"So, your belief that matter is eternal or that it created itself is based on what, exactly?"

I am able to accept that the answer to everything is not yet known. I don't have a belief about the origin of matter, just like I don't have a belief about anything to do with advanced neuroscience - I am completely aware that I don't have any answers. Not having an answer doesn't mean that the first answer someone makes up must automatically be correct.

Apply your reasoning to the God myth - the uncreated thing that supposedly must exist because nothing can exist without being created.

PersonalFailure said...

I usually use Odin in my examples (as in, "are you defying odin by clinging to christianity?"), but I love a good Chupacabra reference.

My answer lately to this little bit of illogic is a very weary, "You don't know what an atheist is, do you?"

Kylyssa Shay said...

I just love the word Chupacabra. It sounds like a nocturnal fried pastry candelabra but it really just means goat sucker.

Stew said...

I like "capybara" Same part of the world.

Largest rodent in the world. A big edible rat.

word verification:"fantodi" I like the sound of that word too.

Call for a new post: words you like the sound of and don't give a damn what they mean.

I hate the word "meal" meal, meal, it just feels nasty when I say it.
meal, meal, shit, now I can't stop saying it.


Anonymous said...

Being an atheist requires as much faith as drinking water from the faucet you just turned on. Faith is not a requirement.

nottareal said...

I disagree completely. Faith is simply the belief of something without any proof. Is there proof there is a "god"? No. Is there proof there ISN'T? No. So the fact is, no matter which side you wish to believe in, because there is no absolute proof, it's all based on faith.

As for your Chewbacca reference, well, there IS proof Chewbacca isn't real because there are the actors that have confirmed it as such.

Maybe it doesn't seem like it takea a LOT of faith but just like being a hardcore theist, when you've thoroughly convinced yourself that one of your beliefs is true, you'll just see it as true, regardless if there's nothing to actually support it.

I don't know if that makes sense to you..