Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Evolution Isn't

Here's your chance to sound off on what evolution is and isn't.

Some people in America have a lot of ideas about what Evolution is. They think it's a religion, an ideology, a moral judgment, or an evil plot to turn them away from God.

I've started what is called a "Duel" over on Squidoo. It contains areas where you can give your opinions on evolution. The page I created for it deals with what some people think evolution is and explains how those ideas are incorrect. I've linked to some of my articles and some other relevant pages.

I was kind of hoping to get more fundamentalists to respond, to get a real discussion and "Duel" going.

You can find the Squidoo Duel at What Evolution Isn't.

By the way, does anyone have any ideas on how to attract fundamentalists to the discussion?


PersonalFailure said...

Well, for amusement's sake, you could invite mcovile from the I Am Intelligently Designed blog. He won't know what you're talking about unless you call it "darwinism", though.

Kylyssa Shay said...

Great tip! I'll run off to go do that. Thanks!