Sunday, July 26, 2009

Atheist/Atheism Searches People Make

I have a tool on my Squidoo account which tracks where my page views come from. One portion of it is dedicated to search engine traffic. Every time a phrase is used in a search engine which brings a surfer to my pages, that phrase is recorded in that dashboard utility. I've been collecting some interesting ones on my atheist relevant lenses for the last month.

Here are a few of those phrases, unedited for your pleasure:

*atheist dont believe something came out of nothing
*atheist explain how the human race came to be
*i don't believe in god. so where did we come from
*an atheist's view on how we came to be
*atheistic views on the origins of the universe
*how atheists explain big bang
*an atheist`s view of the origin of evil
*atheism view of after life
*why atheist dont believe in god
*how many people in america dont believe in god
*non believer in god/denies god beliefs
*why do atheists have morals
*why atheist attack other religions
*atheist religion
*questions you would ask an atheist
*was hitler an atheist

1 comment:

actonbell said...

Wow, this would be most interesting, to know where your traffic comes from.
Why do atheists have morals? Isn't that the crux of it all!!! Reminds me of that Madonna real-life-type movie when Warren Beatty, tired of the cameras, asks, "Why LIVE off camera?" ha