Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is Irrelevant to Modern America, Right?

Seven States' Constitutions forbid atheists from holding public office or testifying in court. They are overruled by the US Constitution so this should not be relevant in today's society, right?

Apparently it isn't completely irrelevant. You've all probably heard about the fiasco in North Carolina where conservatives are threatening to sue over the election of an atheist to city council.

That's an isolated incident, right? 99.99% of Americans would not interfere with such an election, right?

Probably wrong. I put up a few polls recently and while response hasn't been huge, I've gotten enough votes already to show that some 21st century people would agree with those North Carolina conservatives and prevent atheists from holding office or testifying in court.


Joshua said...

They are irrelevant in so far as the Supreme Court has ruled before that such provisions violate the federal Constitution. That means that the provisions have zero impact. It is possible that SCOTUS would change its mind but that seems unlikely.

The people who don't like atheists won't vote for them or won't listen to their testimony anyways. What is in the state Constitution isn't going to impact their behavior much one way or another.

D said...

The stupid out-number us. That's no surprise.

Remember what Jesus said: "Ow! Fuck that hurts! No! Not a nail in the top of the foot OOOUCH! You sons-of bitches!"

Then some idiot mystic changed everything around to the crap folks buy today.

I hope they get sued back.