Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama Uses the Word Agnostic and People Flip Out

OK, so, today President Obama used the word agnostic to describe his thoughts on raising taxes for people making less than a quarter million a year. All over the Internet and presumably elsewhere, people are flipping out over it.

He's referring to being politically agnostic not agnostic in regard to God!

So what if he were, though? What if Barack Obama were to admit to being an agnostic about the existence of God? Would people push to get him impeached or what? I know that all hell would break loose, but what do you think would happen?

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Honkmofo said...

He would be attacked strongly. People would make outrageous claims with no evidence to support those claims. And people would buy it as the absolute truth. And it would suck really bad. But those people already make those claims and it already does suck to be us. In a world full of thems. One day perhaps we will be treated as equals. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.