Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Don't People Understand This??? How Do You Explain?

I don't know how many times I've tried to explain why atheists care about religion but no matter how I do it, people just don't get it. They take it as an attack or some kind of persecution.

I tried (again) to explain why atheists talk about or stick our noses into religion (as they put it) even though we don't believe in God. I don't even feel like I'm writing English.

The comments are the interesting (read: frustrating) thing about one of my latest attempts at explaining why atheists are concerned about other people's belief in God. I don't know what editorial that one commenter read but I don't think it's something I wrote. If you are so inclined, scroll down that page and read the comments (the ones I didn't write in response) and tell me what you think.

But whether or not you read that or not, I'd be interested in how you explain why atheists care about religion.


Rayme said...

Well, first of all, it's not all atheists, so the generalization is unfounded. Second, could it maybe be that religion is FASCINATING, both as a social, historical, anthropological, philosophical and psychological issue? Of course it is! No matter how much an atheist hates it they can't deny that, but a religionist EASILY denies that, saying (s)he's only into his/her religion, and not because it's fascinating, but because it's the TRUTH. Boooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! (Not to mention bullshit).

Religion and religious faith are inexhaustible as to what they tell us about the human mind and human history. It's about seeking and accumulating the wondrous, priceless thing called knowledge (gnosis as the Greeks call it), and it makes life worth living. Meaning, it's US who care about the truth, not them, who merely wish to foist their so-called truth upon the world, mainly through fear. Except people who are dead inside, filled with a dead god hovering over them, don't understand that, for the simple fact that they can't feel it. Faith has crushed their need to embrace all that life has to offer. They embrace nothingness/death while still alive, because they can't handle the inexorable persistence of life all around them. That is why they'll never fully grasp it, dear Atheist Bitch. Too bad, so sad. Keep trying, though, b/c many do get it.

Not to mention the fact that there are many atheists out there, like Dawkins (and myself included), who feel that religious inculcation is child-abuse. Many (myself included) were raised with the fear of hell constantly on their minds, and it's terrible, just TERRIBLE! Also, religion is the number 1 proponent of throwing filth and guilt on sexuality. It's got a monopoly on that, to be sure. It's just another, but major, aspect of its perverse mental warfare. This heinous madness has got to stop. The unwarranted guilt religion inflicts in children who then carry it on as severe complexes and neuroses in adulthood, sometimes to the point of psychopathy, is something many of us anti-religionists would be quite unabashedly gleeful at seeing cease from this planet altogether.

The person on YouTube who's been able to explain the reflexivity and necessity of militant atheism the best of all is Pat Condell, and I'm sure you know who that is.

Take care.

uzza said...

Well, in my state, it's against the law for me to hold any kind of public office, because of religion. I should not care about that? Fail.

On another front, since so many of them are so obviously, astoundingly WRONG, it makes one curious as to what's right.