Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cute Things Kids Say

A few days ago, I was eating dinner with my friend, her son, my partner and three of his ex-girlfriend's kids. The three youngest (all boys - 7, 9, and 12) were being very naughty. I had been talking about abstinence only education earlier, with the youngest child's mother. While the boys were acting up, I jokingly said to her that maybe abstinence only education might work if all young teens were required to watch kids acting that naughty on a regular basis.

A few minutes later, the twelve year old asked what abstinence was. Not being the child's parent or guardian I told him that it means to abstain and that to abstain means to not do something, like to not have dessert would be dessert abstinence.

He replied, "Oh, I thought abstinence was a religious thing, like it means you don't believe in God."


Richard said...

Cute. This could become a series. lol.

Kerri Love said...

I was surfing blog links and ended up here so I just had to comment on this... Kids can be very funny... did you tell him the word he was thinking of was atheist? At least he's smart enough to ask questions ;)

I never know what to say to my niece, she's 12 and asking me about dating... talking to other peoples kids can become very complicated.