Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Does Morality Come From If It's Not From God?

For some reason, conservative can't seem to figure out why people would behave themselves without the threat of Hell to keep them in line.  For those of us who do so because we have empathy and the ability to reason it seems pretty obvious.

You can read the editorial I wrote about it here. It's one that everybody seems to be quoting.


Phil said...

Couldn't agree more...

Anonymous said...

Evolutionary biology doesn't explain morality. Morality isn't an innate, built-in drive to want to help your gene pool survive.

Morality comes from an understanding of nature and the nature of man. It comes from being able to grasp reality. By understanding the nature of man and understanding that reason is man's only tool survival, you can come to understand what you must do to survive.

Trying to attach morality to evolutionary biology makes any kind of atheistic case for morality no better than a religious one.