Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Do Atheists Care About Religion? - Part Two, Society

The dominant religions in America teach that only they are right and that any other belief serves their opponent, Satan. Their belief systems hold that those who do not follow that specific belief system are sinful, evil, and immoral. This leads to intolerance, not just of atheists but of people who don't share the same belief system or don't practice it exactly the way they do.

People's behavior is affected by their beliefs, sometimes even dictated by their beliefs. If people have beliefs that are different from mine and antithetical to mine, I have a great reason to be concerned. I believe in freedom of expression, human rights for all, freedom of religion, and separation of church and state. These beliefs are the polar opposite of the most visible Christian conservative beliefs.


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Richard said...

It might be worthy to note that the leadership in Iran has referred to the United States as 'The Great Satan' for several decades now. They use the the fear of us that they have cultivated to help control their population.

The Bush regime used similar tactics by creating the 'Axis of Evil'. These tactics worked well with the Christian conservatives.

It's important to note that while Christians are the majority in the US, most Christians are NOT extreme conservatives. Most Christians think that evolution is a valid theory, and though they object to abortion they wouldn't picket a clinic, let alone kill someone over it.

The problem is the religious extremists (and extremists in general) are LOUD. They want to be heard. Because they talk so loud, they sometimes get more moderate people to follow along.

It took me half an hour to realize that Rush Limbaugh was full of shit the first time I heard his program. Some people need to have hypocrisy and ignorance more vividly demonstrated to them than I do.

Which is why blogs like this are helpful to show the nuttiness of the extremists. The contradictions the leaders of such movements have in the lives as well as their dogma. Because many of these leaders do not believe their own horse crap.

Keep shining a light in the darkness.