Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Religious Child Neglect Turns into Kidnapping

Last week a judge in Minnesota ruled that the family of a boy suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma could not refuse the child's chemotherapy for conflicting with the family's religious beliefs.

I was pleased with the decision because it meant one less child would die from his parents' magical thinking and spiritual beliefs. Last year we were all horrified to hear of poor little Madeline Neumann who died a slow, painful death for her parents religious beliefs. I thought the ruling in the Daniel Hauser case to be a great victory for childrens rights. Every child deserves medical treatment, no child should die of a treatable disease and no child should be denied treatment due to his parents' religious beliefs.

Hauser's mom believes in holistic medicine, herbalism, and planned to treat him with vitamins and herbs instead of proven chemotherapy. The judge's ruling now requires that the boy receive medical care including chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Daniel Hauser's mom is dead set on preventing her child from getting the medical care he needs to survive. Even after a doctor appointment which indicated Daniel is getting worse and his disease has progressed without treatment his mother ran off with Daniel into hiding.

13 year old Daniel's parents had told him that chemotherapy would kill him so I have no doubt he'll do anything to aid his mother in hiding him until it's too late to successfully treat his illness. If this results in the child's death, the family will feel justified and blame his death on the last ditch efforts of medical professionals trying to save a child treated too late.

This poor kid's parents talked him out of life saving treatment by telling him that chemo would kill him. This is not an adult we are talking about who may make an informed decision to die from a treatable illness if they want to, Daniel is a thirteen year old child with a learning disability.

In my opinion, the child's mother, Colleen Hauser, should be tried for kidnapping and attempted murder - or murder if the child dies as a result of delayed treatment - and his father should be charged for accessory to those crimes.

Now police suspect Hauser may be taking Daniel to Mexico to escape medical treatment of his illness.


ali said...

for realz, dat bitch is crazy

Luci said...

Tell me about it!

Religion justifies torture, murder, child abuse ... the list is endless.

It's a cancer, a poison that prohibits people from thinking straight and being rational.


justusgs94 said...

What Luci said.

Darth Chaos said...

Rosie O'Donnell was right about radical Christianty being as big a threat as radical Islam. But IMO, radical atheism and radical Zionism are just as big threats as radical Christianity and radical Islam. Why do I say this? Because the US-Fucking-A funded, trained, and coddled al-Qaeda.

actonbell said...

Radical atheism, Darth Chaos? What's that? I thought we atheists were, by definition, considered radicals.

Good post--we need to be reminded that religion is hurting children right here in our own country.

Atmosck said...

You said the kid has a learning disability. Do we know what kind, and the severity? Is it something debilitating like (excuse me if this isn't PC) mental retardation, or something less severe like dyslexia?

Kylyssa Shay said...

Apparently Daniel can't read, which is all I've been able to find out about his learning disability.

Phil said...

What I read here scares me... Luckily in the UK many of the things recorded in this blog can't happen - I think that if a parent wanted to deny their child necessary life saving treatment it can be over-ruled by doctors - the rights of the child get priority...