Monday, May 25, 2009

Woman Fired for Husband's Atheist Blog

I just learned about something despicable that went down in Texas. A young woman just back to work after surgery for breast cancer was fired from her job due to the Atheist sentiments expressed in her husband's blog. Apparently, her boss had tried to get her to accept Jesus into her life and she politely declined. It's a lot more complicated than just that but you can read about it here.

A few blog posts later Mr. Donaldson (Amanda's husband) posted an article published by journalist who called Amanda's employer and did a phone interview. You can find the article here.

This is an important issue, one we can't shut our eyes to.

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Danny Boy, FCD said...

My heart goes out to Amanda, she was unfairly terminated for her nonbelief. At least she's not working for a chiro-quack anymore.